Hello There.

I’m Jeff, a game developer who likes to make cool stuff.

I put this site together to introduce and discuss development and design techniques, productivity tricks, websites, apps, and life in general. It is my hope to learn a few things from you, and to share anything I can to shave time off your production process.

I'm a software developer by day, game developer by night. I'm a passionate programmer who likes to draw. I started my career as an artist and gradually moved into coding and development.  And although I still do art on occasion, I long ago grew to love coding a great deal more.

Jeff Lofvers

I Love Making Games

Last summer, I co-founded Chaotic Formula, an indie game studio devoted to oddball and educational apps. We have a slogan that we try to live up to "Our games are pretty good". We only have a few games under our belt, but we won't shut up about them. You can frequently find me not shutting up about them in the gamemaking community of NYC and Portland.

You can see my latest game development work at Chaotic Formula